Wednesday, June 24, 2015

So long, it's been good to know ya!

This is the last post for Libraries in Churches.
To stay current with Church Library issues may I suggest 

Twelve years ago in 2002, the Winter Olympics were in Salt Lake City, the war in Afghanistan began and I launched LinC-list - the Libraries in Churches discussion list.

LinC-List was novel and new - a way for church librarians around the world to share and discuss ideas about church libraries via email.  There was nothing quite like it.  Traditional church library organizations barely had a presence on the Internet and none offered the opportunity for online interaction except,  perhaps, via a bulletin board or discussion forum that required participants to go to a website rather than have the content delivered to them.  There were no resource hubs geared for church librarians and most of us laboured on our own or consulted the few, often outdated, print-resources to figure out where to get supplies, what to look for in software, or how to label media.

LinC-list soon had some 200 members , posting on vital topics, from around the world. Great ideas were shared and, an online community was formed. (I still laugh when I recall a former college room-mate who told me that his mom considered me a "big wheel in church library circles.")

Today, there are a wealth of easily accessible resources for church librarians, found with a simple Google search.  My own connection to church libraries has changed as have my priorities.  (You'll note there haven't been any posts for over a year!)

I still think that the ministry of libraries in churches is important but I know that other folks are doing a great job of furthering that work and so I leave it to them to do this good work.   I've deleted a bunch of pages with outdated information and will maintain the blog posts for as long as I can.

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