Friday, January 31, 2014

Tweet Sheet January 2013

Love it!


Colleen Greene (Blogged) Investigating Overdrive Ebooks & Audiobooks for a Church Library

What are they reading?

GSLC-Cinci ‘Literature and Our Faith’ book club will meet on 1/20 @ 7:30PM in the church library to discuss "Little Bee" by Chris Cleave.

Traci DePree I saw Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts last night in the Crossview Covenant Church library, so I brought it home....

Matt Krause My kids pick up books at the church library most every week. Look at what Jeremiah picked out today. It's going to...

FPC Yorktown FPC Yorktown: New in the Library  


BiblioMinistry "#E-Reading Rises as Device Ownership Jumps" - Pew Research - How is your #church #library adjusting to this?

aubrey w ‏If I were to put a Fabio-covered romance-ish novel here in he church library, wonder how long it'd go unnoticed.

Young Pastor's Wife ‏Until I married a pastor, I never thought my car would become a mini church library

Hannah Danielle♪ Can someone please snapchat me like ugh working in the church library is ugh

Ryan Hayden Humbled when I pick up a commentary in our church library only to find it marked up cover to cover. Grateful for a godly pastoral heritage.

Picture this:

Chris Rookus ‏ Church library sprinkler heads went off 4 10mins - no lie, look what book I found floating!

FUMC Brunswick ‏I posted 10 photos on Facebook in the album "FUMCB Church Library Consecration"

CollegeChurchLibrary ‏Our first picture of someone reading a College Church Library book! Send in yours for a chance at a drawing for...


Michelle Barnett ‏Just spent a marvellous 4 hours putting the church library in order. All books now alphabetised by subject matter. I'm so happy :D

TCACLA Pick up some good books at your church library so you are ready for the cold weather ahead.

Good Shepherd/ICC ‏ Have you visited our church library lately? Our librarian, Margaret Riley, has a wonderful collection of books for adults and children.

Bethh The church library is so cool

StMarkCatholicChurch ‏Got Questions? Visit the Church library! Chock full of great books, tapes and videos. Explore your Catholic Faith!

Oh No!

Rebecca Stark ‏Discovered the morn: The church library flooded in the spring thaw. I'm the librarian, so this could be a busy week for me

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