Friday, December 27, 2013

Tweet Sheet December 2013

What are they reading?

Anne Albritton 
Molly has started reading Little Women, the same copy that I read from our church library when I was 9. Makes my heart bust wide open w joy.


Unappreciated Pastor
No Ma'am, I don't know why no one checks out the movies in the church library. But I do like the "Be Kind Rewind" sign.
Eddy Eleazar
Can we like have a sleepover at the church library and play monopoly or uno or something?


Susan Nagel 
My g'daughter has done "donation" birthdays since she was 4 & loves them. Church library, stuffed animals for kids wards,

Marsh Corner Church
We have put Christmas books, music and movies out on the table in the church library to make it easier for you to find them. Enjoy!
Katie Nowell
Merry Christmas to me! I picked this book up at the Church Library & a sweet old man had already paid for it for me!
Wesley UMC
The church library ministry, in partnership with another group, is dreaming of doing this at Wesley as a...

15 Days Until Xmas!
Six year old me rented The Sound of Music from my church library 10 times. My names the only name on the card and it's on there 10 times.

St. Andrews-Covenant 
New Books in the Adult Church Library in Fall 2013

Visit our church library to find a new devotional or a movie for your family. Access the library catalog online

Find PDF Book
Just added in our book collection: Hillsborough Reformed Church Library , read it here:

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