Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Tweet Sheet - November 2013

Tweets about church libraries around the globe, this month with monosyllabic headings!


  • Kearney First UMC Tonight's meal is a baked potato bar; it's the annual fundraiser for the church library.



  • Nicole Boggs Studying in the church library is so peaceful.


  • Travis Stephens Some lady thinks it is cool to bring her own pencils from home and sharpen them in the church library. #fail. Did I mention they are color?
  • UnappreciatedWorship The church library: Where old and unpopular Christian books go to die.
  • Sharon Vegter ‏Deer jumping through church library window = lots of blood and ruined books. Poor terrified deer!  [See Oh Deer!  for more on this story]
  • Sara A meeting in a giant church library. Now THIS reminds me of my youth. #wedding #nervous


  • Sibonakele Moyomight start Francine Rivers' Lineage of Grace series. gonna have to see if the church library has them
  • Michelle Swift Maybe God is trying to tell you something when your seven-year-old gets you this book from the church library.


  • Paul Fadness My church library has some interesting books....
  • Mackenzie Lynd ‏  About to fall asleep in the church library, is that a sin? Cuz I have already been to one service so I'm not missing anything

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