Thursday, October 31, 2013

Tweet Sheet - October 2013


  • Our Sunday Visitor Did you know? October is Church Library Month
  • Mississippi BaptistsChurch Library Ministry Annual State Meeting —
  • BDOMReminder!!!!! The Church Library will host an Open House on Saturday, October 5, 2013 following the service....  


  • FB Indian Rocks ‏We have an AMAZING Church Library that's always getting great, new stuff in. It's located just across the hall...
  • St. Mark's Episcopal The start of a new church library! Thanks to Rhinda Kesselring.
  • Stan Guthrie Friends, the Evangelical Church Library Association has invited me to give the keynote speech for the 2013...
  • Rel MolletSpeaking to the Australian Church Library Association (Vic) tomorrow about Christian Fiction, blogging & my trip to ACFW 
  • Dr. Kneeland C Brown I'm giving Fairview Pres Church here in Augusta, GA the "Church Library" award. Ready for today's #HONOR event  
  • White Rock UMCThere's a new display in the church library window box now because Geraldine is awesome :)  
  • estherCan't wait to spend the whole Tuesday sitting on the couch and reading the new book I borrowed from church library 
  • CLC BookshopsWOW !! A stack of Bibles and study books are already on their way to a church library from the USED BOOK section...  
  • CSLAThanks Libraries in Churches for article "Where did the Church Library Go?  


  •  Building SolutionsWhere did the church library go? TCACLA ‏What can we do to get more young people involved in the church library ministry?
  • Alexis Hoskins ‏The church library lady just told me "you always look so cute! I just want to slap ya." 
  • Back Row Baptist I know my church isn't the only one that still offers VHS tapes in the Church Library despite DVDs having been available since 1997. 
  • Oak Lawn Bible ‏Your suggestions needed for the OLBC Library: VHS tapes from the church library are being weeded out. (And are...  
  • Ashworth Road ‏Books from our church library need a new home. Everything is free. Books for kids & adults. Available through Nov 3.
  • J. Michael StrachanI wonder how many churches have Barth's Church Dogmatics in their church library. I now know of at least one. Thanks, @bloginmyeye. 
  • Annika Awad Thirsty for visitors in the church library. 
  •  ==[ Farmacist ]== ‏Found this in my church library, every woman who plans on becoming a wife GO GET THIS
  • francesca lew ∞ ‏Studying history in church library instead of going for youth. 
  • Sawyer Larsh ‏So my church has the entire Harry Potter series in the church library #godlovesharrypotter #theirony 
  • Church Revitalizer ‏"Wild at Heart" has gone missing from the church library. It's hidden in my office. #ThugPastor @SmallishChurch 
  • Kyle Wiltshire The real question is can you still slip your arm through the book return and sneak in the church library

Oh no! 

  • Stuart MainFound this in the church library this morning. Published in 1963, the @carlfbeech of his day?  
  • Frank HaynesThis was in the Church Library where I did a wedding this weekend! The new Song of Songs #butnotreally  

Picture this: 

What are they reading?

  • Oak Lawn BibleComing soon to the church library: Return To Me by Lynn Austin. After years of wandering, King Cyrus is allowing...  
  • Three Rivers Grace From the Blog: Monthly Church Library Highlight

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