Friday, September 27, 2013

Tweet Sheet - Sept 2013

Before Twitter, Walter Cronkite said: "Whatever the cost of our libraries, the price is cheap compared to that of an ignorant nation." (Not a tweet but certainly  a pithy quote to keep in mind.)

Oh no!

  • Back Row Baptist ‏Counting how many books in the church library were printed after 1980. None so far. #AloneInTheChurch
  • Kathy Carlton Willis Church work day: my job will be to sort through the old books in the church library & get them ready to go back in circulation! 


  • Trent Gillespie Was able to take out The Bible miniseries on DVD from our church library. Now we have to find 440 hrs of free time to watch the 10 episodes. 
  • TeeNothing better than spending the whole day in the church library using the photocopier -_- 
  • Penny Richards When my wallet was stolen, it turned up in a church library, 4 yrs later, behind books, w another wallet. 
  • Mena CastilloWorked 9+ hours, I'm exhausted, but I need to finish getting these books ready for the church library.…  
  • Mike NorquistThank you for your support of the church library this summer! We had 18 kids participate in the Summer Reading...  
  • Stonebriar The Stonebriar Community Church library has resumed its regular fall hours. Visit our website for more information.  
  • CCC Bristol Quick reminder: The Helping Hands Circle will meet at the church tonight at 7 PM to organize the church library. 
  • Gene ClyattUpcoming Sermon series? "Heretical Books, or 'Why I'm Cleaning Out the Church Library'"  

What are they reading?

  • Colton Steiner My grandmas book is in our church library!!!
  • hana ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ‏Found this book in the church library and I cried over how cute it is. Barnabas the bear thinks he's good at nothing
  • Ricky Proctor ‏Checked out some leadership books from the church library. #leadership @johnmaxwellco #leadersstudy 
  • Preston Cox ‏Just found out our meager church library has MULTIPLE N.T. Wright books!!  
  • Jerry B. Jenkins ‏Does your church encourage reading Christian fiction? Does your church library have a copy of #ISaul

Picture This:


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