Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Church Librarian blesses and is blessed

I liked this profile of  church librarian Alexia Chow in the  Petaling Jaya (Malaysia) Evangelical Free Church's  blog simply because it was well-written and well presented. I also liked what Alexia did in her library and what her service there did for her:
 Her weekly service in the church library turned out to be a great way for Alexia to meet new friends and connect with other members of the congregation. “The church is so big and being a full-time working mom with three boys, I hardly have time to be involved in other church ministries to meet other people,” said Alexia who has worshiped at PJEFC with her family for 15 years. Alexia has been blessed by her encounters with other church members who share their personal testimonies through the books they read from the church library.

Thanks to Alexia, the number of library card holders and the quantity of materials available in the church library has increased over recent years. Every week at PJEFC, children and young parents make use of the materials at the church library to inculcate a reading habit in the younger generation. Older adults take advantage of the large Christian Living section and some theological reference books. Alexia’s work to bring in new arrivals of books and DVDs has truly blessed the PJEFC congregation.
 Did you see what the writer did there? Stats and stories:  numbers are up, people are served, testimonies shared.  The fact that she's a working mom and willing to serve in a big-church library is encouraging too!  Read the full story for more good news at the PJEFC Library

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