Friday, August 30, 2013

Tweet sheet - August 2013

Good Stuff!

  •  Alabama Baptist SBOM ‏ State Church Library Workshop, Shocco Springs, 9/16-17. Nancy Rue, featured author/speaker. More info -

What are they reading?

  •  Faith UMC Spring ‏ Harry quoted CS Lewis yesterday, check it out of the church library if you'd like to read more! Room 107
  • Colleen Greene ‏ Bought a set for the church library since I have a list of family waiting to borrow the original set…  
  • Education of Mr Z ‏ My church library just got in "A Neglected Grace" and I snagged it to read. Kinda stoked to add it to my September resources. @Helopoulos


  • Back Row Baptist "What are you doing?" "Aw, nothing, really." "I need help organizing the church library." "Oh, man, I gotta do... website... things."
  • Justin Childers  Just ordered the 9 Marks set for the church library. 55% off 14 books. Steal of a deal!
  • Jared Baker ‏  Just Found a 1950's Teenage Etiquette book in the Church Library. Pretty sure that's what my next series is going to be based on #relevant 
  • Ask MetaFilter Software For A Small (church) Library  
  • Back Row Baptist I like to hide Harry Potter books in the Church Library.
  • Back Row Baptist Just walked into the Church Library for the first time in 8 years. Found our last librarian's body covered in cobwebs. I thought she moved. 

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