Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tweet Sheet- July 2013

What they are saying about church libraries this month.


  • Pat Shufeldt@greenvillian 27 Jun I've cataloged GOD'S WILL streaming video for my church library @CSLAnotes @twotp
  •  Jordan Floro@jordanfloro FBCR has a great church library you can take advantage of for your personal growth! An incredible wealth of resources! #Choose2Grow


  • MidwayBaptistChurch@midwaybclife 27 Jun Pastor's Picks from the Church Library
  • SBC Voices @SBCvoices "Biblical Illiteracy and the Death of the Church Library" from @sbctoday
  • IG : @amour_june@ChubbyCheekz_8 30 Jun Sitting in the church library (alone) cuzz' I cnt bare that sunday skool
  • Rose Brazeale@RoseBrazeale 22h@DeadOnDemandPOD not allowed to talk about reading Harry Potter. The Baptist church library had a Christian Goosebumps knock-off, too. 
  • LCOS Kzoo@LCOSKZOO Soup in the summertime? Check out all of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books in our Church library @SummerReads  
  • St. Mark UMC Seneca@SaintMarkSeneca 7 Jul Just a reminder, the church library is holding an 11-day Scavenger Hunt with prizes for all ages. Library is open when the church is open. 
  • Jack Thomas Worth#Korinne just told me to donate my books to our church library; I don't think our church wants Trainspotting. 
  • MKngdm@MKgndm 7 Jul Its funny that listening to 20's era music feels natural while in a church library, must be all the old stuff people dump in here. 

Picture this:

 What are they reading?

  •  Kim Messer @kiminnashvegas@cjdarlington I'm reading "The Five People You Meet in Heaven." Random pick from my church library.
  • Jeanne Doyon@JeanneDoyon 7 Jul I picked up Corrie ten Boom's book called, Tramp for the Lord at the church library today. 
  • Carolyn Joy Ruttan@carolyn_ruttan 8 Jul
    Signed out 4 books from the church library, that I need to read in the next ten days.
    • Jeb Airey @JebAirey I just finished this book and placed it in the church library. I really enjoyed reading 'The Ragamuffin Gospel.'  

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