Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Hearty Reception (Number 1 in a series of Library Service tips from 1876)

Samuel Swett Green
Samuel Swett Green graduated from Harvard Divinity School and became a known as "the father of library reference work."  His 1876 work "Personal relations between librarians and Readers" was considered ground-breaking then and still has value today.

When scholars and persons of high social position come to a library, they have confidence enough, in regard to the cordiality of their reception, to make known their wishes without timidity or reserve. Modest men in the humbler walks of life, and well-trained boys and girls, need encouragement before they become ready to say freely what they want.

A hearty reception by a sympathizing friend, and the recognition of some one at hand who will listen to inquiries, even although he may consider them unimportant, make it easy for such persons to ask questions, and put them at once on home footing.
This tip should be a "no-brainer" for the church librarian. Are the people who work in your church library friendly and welcoming to all? Is there an opportunity to practice Matthew 25?

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