Friday, May 31, 2013

Tweet sheet, May 2013

News and notes about Church libraries from Twitter

Pay attention!

  • ECLA Mark your calendars >> Evangelical Church Library Association Conference Oct 18-19 #churchlibraries #ecla #libraries
  • ECLA Serve in a church library? You need to join this network! #churchlibraries #ecla #libraries #churches
  • Orangeville Baptist The church library has some new arrivals. Some good reads. Stop by and take a look. What good books are you reading now? 
  • SimplyChurch Looking for some summer reading material? Stop by the church office library (9:30am-5:30pm weekdays) and check some out! 
  • Hampshire Archives Doc of the day: Faculty for converting part of the north aisle of Whitchurch church into a parish library, 8 May 1713 
  • Best Sellers News from the Library | Lancaster Church of the Brethren: 
  • ECLA Do you have books by Dallas Willard in your library? Now would be a good time to make a display and strike up... 
  • Todd Monroe The church library is the best place to study. 


  • ECLA So, I'm starting a new church library and having difficulty locating quality shelving. Does anyone have...
  • Heather Walker  Took a bk out from church library yesterday only to discover I was the last person to read it. Have no memory of doing so "Brain fog"
  • Charles Kelly My church library has a book written by Judge Judy in it. Yep. 
  • ECLA Have church members who own a Kindle and subscribe to @Amazon Prime? How to find "free" #Kindle #ebooks via browser: 
  • suha amani it's a library, but it's a church. it's like a library put in a church. good day work experience 
  • Virginia Webb Recently presented at DV Chapter of Church & Synagogue Library Assn.Topic was: Laughter & Humor in Your Library,Worship & Life. 
  • Jerry B. Jenkins “I review all children’s books for my church library and I recommend the Red Rock Mysteries.” (CBD) 


  • Kit Harbottle Voted and tidied church library. Feeling virtuous.
  • First Baptist Church FBC Members-Our Bible Study Library is expanding with the help of @RightNowMedia. Call the church to find out how to get your free access.
  • Bryan Church office at 9 this morning. If it's quiet (& it always is on Fridays) I'm tackling the library. Order from chaos can be satisfying. 
  • New Charlotte Due to our church's generosity, #GreenwayPark now has a library of 200 books in every classroom & 653 kids have 5 books to read this summer! 
  • Andrew Barrett I'm working in my church's library and I keep finding all these books I read as a kid. #nostalgia #memories 

Picture This: 

  • Jordan Swope Just casually hanging out with this cool guy in the church library. #WutIsMyLife #INamedHimMaximus lol
  • Jonathan Howe The church library has some explaining to do... 
  • Graeme Shanks Somebody donated this book to the @BECEdinburgh church library. Great scottish banter! #moses #gonnanadothat 
  • Jen Crawford Reorganizing the #UU church #library . 

What are they reading/watching?

  •  Pinnacle Pres Church WOMEN’S BOOK GROUP – Monday, May 13 | 10am | Church Library | We will meet to discuss the book, The Secrets of...
  • Tulip Grove Baptist Ladies Book Club this SaturdayM, May 11 at 10:00 am in the church library. We are reading the book "Heart of Gold" by Robin Lee Hatcher. 
  • Gretchen Driesenga @ericmetaxas buying a few new books for our church library! I'll be the first to check out 7 Men! 
  • Free eBook Library Handbook of Church Discipline: A Right and Privilege of Every Church Member (Jay Adams Library) (PDF/Kindle) 
  • Christy @staceyjaswad The movie Me &You, Us Forever was amazing too! It was such a wonderful movie. I borrow it from my church library sometimes. 
  • ChurchMarketingSucksReview: "If you're new to church communications like me, this is a must have addition to your library." KH 

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