Thursday, May 23, 2013

Collection development in 5 steps

I love this! Library Girl Jennifer LaGarde makes library mission and  library users the foundation for her collection development plan and then adds collaboration and connection. It something that church librarians can adapt for their context.   She has summed up her strategy in this comic-style infographic. 

Writing for an audience of school librarians she states:
Yes... up to date resources are important.  And yes... reviews are an important and effective tool for learning more about a title before purchasing it.  HOWEVER, the most important thing to consider when deciding how to spend our limited funds has to be our kids.  No matter what the purchase, we must be able to answer the following questions:

  • Are these resources directly aligned to my library's mission?
  • Were these resources selected based on what I know about my students?
  • Are these resources aligned with state and/or local curricula? 
  • Am I confident that they will inspire learning or ignite student passions?
  • What plans do I have for how these resources will be used for teaching and learning?
  • How will I know if their use is successful?
  • How will I share this success?
This is a tall order, I know.  What's more, it's hard work.  But what's best for kids usually is.
Now read it again and sub in "church" and "congregation" where she has "school" and "kids."

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