Friday, April 26, 2013

Tweet sheet - April

Here's a round up of Twitter comments about Church libraries from the past few weeks.

What are they reading?

  • Graf-Martin Agency "This book [You Were Made for a God-sized Dream]was so encouraging that I'm also recommending our church library...
  • Tulip Grove Baptist Join us in the Church Library on Saturday, April 13 at 10:00 am as we discuss the book "Not In The Heart" by Chris Sabry.
  • Kenny Robertson'The Good God' by @mike_reeves "needs to be in every church library & liberally given away to all & any"- @davidbunce 
  • offbeatonpurpose @Zondervan @LysaTerKeurst Had a chance to thumb through Unglued yesterday in church library. Looking forward to reading it.
  • Somebody's Daughter Does your church library have a copy of 'Somebody's Daughter' on the shelf? @HersheyFree does! 
  • RJ Thesman A #writer friend just finished "The Unraveling of Reverend G" and then donated it to her church #library. What a great idea! 
  • Buck Morgan@nprscottsimon I love the Babe. Turns out much of his youth biography that I got from the church library was true. He never quit on himself.  
  • Christy @ErinBethea I borrowed the movie Amazing Love from my church library and I loved it! 

Oh no!
  • SunWarrior13 How come is it that you walk into any church, the libraries consists of CHILDREN's stories? I outgrew my church library at 9 years old, LOL
  • Alexandra Bozeman turned cleaning out my bookshelf into a game of "how many church library books can I find in 5 minutes." #hatecleaning #wantsleep #needsleep 
  • PrayerBookMan Book on Anglican worship. About to take the volume back to my church library, when suddenly... 
  • Colleen Greene Uggghhh. Trying to migrate my church library's catalog online >> they've never recorded ISBNs in records :-( Going to be LONG ugly process. 
  • Back Row Baptist #TalkLikeYourMom I know the only reason you go to the Church Library is to steal from the candy dish! 
  • Gini Love all the candy wrappers I find in the church library return drop box lol #itsnotatrashcan 


  • Kimberly Schimmel Summer Reading at the Church Library #books #reading
  • Eternity Don't forget to use your talents to glorify God. He gave them to you. I'm helping my church develop a library today. #librariantweet 
  • Laurie Murphy Happy #Sunday!! The best part of my week when I worship God and serve in the library at my church, its a wonderful feeling :)
  • Eve Markley Weeding out some of the less edifying materials from the church's library. 
  • Binil I think I will revamp the library of my church. It has some good and many not so good books. 
  • Wedgwood Baptist Did you know that Wedgwood Baptist Church Library has a Facebook Page? "Like" it and keep up with the latest books... 
  • Washington DC News Grace Church's first Little Free Library - #georgetown #Washington #WashingtonDC 
  • HiCube Storage Church Library Association of B.C. Annual Conference this coming 19th and 20th, Bob Austin, Library Supplies Specialist will be there! 
  • Lyn Went to church library for the 1st time today. Discovered adventures in Odessy CDs. Boys are both tucked away listening. #happysabbethtome 
  • Laurie Murphy Happy #Sunday !! Visit your church #Library today!! Bet there's a sweet librarian who would love to help you find a good book ;)

Picture this

  • Laurie Murphy Waiting patiently for customers at my Church #Library support your Church library!!
  • Ben Taylor  Fascinating church inside library / library inside church in Plymouth - pic from @toonsarah 
  • Ryan Paul Buck Library in a Church. Great Idea! 
  • Faith Church New resource section added to church library. Check it out next Sunday.
  • Colleen Greene Final & 5th library on the tour! #church #libraries #ecla @ Grace Baptist Church 
  • Tom Schlund I had no idea that there was a Lutheran Church Library Association, but apparently my church was… 
  • Colleen Greene Dad loaded up our trunk with #books to donate to our .@RDFCFriends church library (their church… 
  • Jenny Lynn Rasmussen Church library series 1: "This is just wrong." @meaniemom's photo 
  • Michael Crosby View from First Mennonite Church library 


  • Allissa Hunter The chairs in a church are like shelves in a library. #mostconfusingquoteIveheardinawhile
  • Elmore If a church has a library, is it just filled with Bibles?? 
  • Express & Echo Plea for Exeter church to be library 
  • David Crone In our church library, I noticed a shelf label that reads, "Humor/Self Help". How appropriate that these two are grouped together.
  • Norway Hiding from people in the church library with my sister cause I don't wanna socialize... #Introverted #GoAwayStrangers 
  • Back Row Baptist Our Church Library has too many VeggieTales movies! #ThingsYouNeverHearInChurch 
  • Daniel Darling In our church library, I have a bunch of apocalyptic-type books from 10 or 20 years ago and it's laughable the stuff pastors predicted. 
  • Ride615 Bicycle Shop Bicycool Church Library Community Bike Ride | Nashville Bike Month 

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