Thursday, April 18, 2013

Microsoft templates for book and video collections

I really liked this suggestion from a LinC-list member Karen J.  She knows that  small church libraries are often caught in a budget and expertise bind when it comes to creating an automated library system. These Microsoft templates might be of use.
Microsoft Excel is fairly ubiquitous- the church office probably uses it if you don't have it on your home computer. Here are a few ideas using Excel:
If you are knowledgeable about MS Access, you these templates may be of interest:

Or, for more help learning these common Microsoft tools check out Youtube for tutorials.

I would caution you however; if you are on a tight budget and if all you want is a list of authors, titles, call numbers, etc then LibraryThing eliminates the drudgery of data entry that would be required using Excel or Access. 

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