Friday, March 29, 2013

Tweet Sheet March

Here's what's been said on Twitter about church Libraries this month.
As a Passion Week bonus here's a twitter-inspired video:

What are they reading?

  • Desmond Watts Heard great things about these books so I picked them from the church library today. #Hoping to finish…
  • Taylor AtkinsonJust checked this out of the church library... Made me think of you @JessiePatters11 @_JasonPatterson
  • It's Brittany, b tch I picked up Young Radicals: Notes on Committed Youth today in my lover's church library today. OH YEAH!
  • clark schultz @dobsoak6 my wife has a question 4 your mom about one of the books in our church library. Do we have Sunrise by Karen Kingsbury?  
  • Jessica McCrae Newest purchase for church library. Proceeds from sale go toward building Native Youth Centre in Vancouver. 
  • Bonnie @TerriBlackstock Just finished rereading 1-4 in Cape Refuge Series. Great books!! Going on church library shelf now. Thanks. 

Oh No!

  • Small Church Pastor My 12 year old just called our church library an "antique shop". I guess she is right. The most recent video: 1988 Psalty's Family Xmas.
  • Marlon Medicated. Sitting in the church library thanks to another allergic reaction in the worship center.… 
  •  matt pugh Phasing out our church library. Buy some (cheap) books & all proceeds will go towards the @kaleostudents summer trip!
  • Δbigail. My church has the smallest library ever. 


  • Floyd Prescott III @foreverjasxo our church is actually putting together a library that will be like a public library, but with Christian books & study ... 
  • Carolee Hollenback No "work" scheduled for today, so I'm meeting a few friends to finish putting together our church library @The Bridge Syracuse Phoenix, NY! 
  • Adam Kelly @Kristige this weekend Im helping a friend of mine plan his Eagle Scout Project, similar to what mine was-redoing our church's youth library 
  • Mark Lowery Saint Mary’s Parish in Waltham dedicates church library to Franco Garcia
  • Dr. Steve Anderson Sunday, March 10, 2013 The dedication of the DR. R.E. & LAURA ANDERSON LIBRARY. at Christian Life Center, Foursquare Church in Riverside, CA 
  • Ramil Sumangil Glad to be instrumental in the existence of this mini library at the House of Grace Community Church in Taguig...
  •  jia chen:) Woah didn't know the church library had so many books:P 
  • V Marie I absolutely love my daddy's library at church. 
  • ADRA NZ Latest ADRA Project Craze? A Baby Clothing Library! This concept was pioneered by Hamilton SDA church and has...
  • Krysta Ibach Tomorrow I tackle the church library. I volunteered, because its in some sad shape. 
  • Colleen Greene @daveasch @papa_craig BTW, that our church has a library, instead of a book store, is 1 of reasons we stuck with RDFC. #justsaying 


  •  Mississippi Baptists Church Library Ministry Retreat @ Garaywa Camp & Conference Center, see details here! —
  • ✿ Eunice Chua ❀ @pabomyungsoo yeah there's this programme at church called studyummy, can go to the church's youth lounge or library to study.. With FOOD :D 
  • Rob Schneider Vegas making odds the Vatican can choose a new Pope before a Baptist church committee can pick out paint for the church library.
  •  Geeky Girl Engineer Head of Library of Congress speaking at my church. Woman in a pew typing on laptop. I hope there isn't a test.
  • Back Row Baptist Want to increase foot traffic in the Church Library? Three words: Free Tootsie Rolls. 
  • Anna Dobritt My word! Never realized how many books on religion my dad had. My brother took in five boxes to donate to the church library.
  • anna_pajama Okay,if I didn't feel obligated to return a church library book on time, I'd still be in bed too. But I don't want to pay the late fee! #zap

Picture this

  •  Lauren Estes Walk into the church library and find my grandpa catchin some zzzzzz's
  • Cameron Reeves Sometimes, the Godly thing to do is throw junk away. I found this sitting, ready for use, in a church's library. 
  • Jenna B D@ThisIsNala I found your book in my church library :) 2 things reminded me of you today, must be cuz you're a lion 

The best place of all

  •  bekah turner@KelliNorris2 redeeming love is in the church library...

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