Thursday, March 7, 2013

This is how the work gets done

I spotted this recently posted to website for hiring freelance experts:
A web portal for churches including e-library, audio/video streaming
I want to create websites for churches to include the following:
  • an e-library where members can purchase or download ebooks, and sermon video and audio recordings
  • audio and video streaming capability (live and recorded) payment gateway for members to make payment of church dues and tithes, etc 

As a somewhat self-reliant do-it-yourself-er, I was fascinated by the idea of throwing a request out onto the Internet and then seeing the responses.  Most of the replies came from south Asia. The proposed project attracted bids from 14 people promising to do the job for as little as $50 or as much as  $2000 in 3 to 30 days.  (The project's budget was posted as $30- $250.)  One bidder included a warning against the poor performance of another bidder and most bidders had links to portfolios, profiles and performance ratings.

I wondered about the ethics of hiring someone across the globe to do a job for a fraction of what someone in my community would charge (although my clothes come from the other side of the globe too.)  Language and cultural differences could be a challenge, along with the usual risks of conducting business online.  On the other hand what a wonderful way to create globe-shrinking relationships with talented people one might not ever meet.

It makes me think of what we do in church libraries. When we need help we are most likely to contact someone else in the the congregation or in our network of friends and relations.  If we don't find help there perhaps we go online or perhaps the project gets shelved due to lack of expertise.  And that's a shame if means something good doesn't happen.

So, take heart, there is someone somewhere who can help!  Church library organizations, LinC-list, groups on the Internet or freelance bidders are standing by!

(Read more about the bid here.)

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