Thursday, March 14, 2013

Speaking Volumes gets the Word out

Speaking Volumes is an initiative to encourage British churches, church groups and individuals to give Christian books and DVDs to libraries in their community or to a community abroad.  They select and deliver material that is relevant, attractive, easy to read and make a good introduction to Christianity. Plus they include book protectors and book plates  all at a cost of 50% off the retail price of the books.  All that the sponsoring church or individual needs to do is find a library or any place  (community centre, school, seniors' home, day care, etc.) that wants the material.

Its an innovative idea but  it's not a new idea  - in the past 30 years Speaking Volumes has helped churches and individuals give over 50,000 books in over 2,000 libraries!

I'm not aware of any similar mission in North America, but what a great idea for outreach. Perhaps your church library could commit to putting Christian books in places beyond your church's walls.

Visit the Speaking Volumes website for more information on the program, a great booklist and some helpful links.

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