Monday, March 18, 2013

Local churches start community libraries

Two more stories of  churches creating  libraries as a means of service and outreach to the community. Kudos to Faith Lutheran Church of Avon, Ohio!
Faith Lutheran Church, of Avon, has developed a relationship with Timber Lakes  Townhomes over the years, according to Church Director of Christian Vocation Laurie Kubiak. The church held vacation Bible school there in the past.
Kubiak said she was recently hired by the church to think of ways for the church to reach out to the community. “I immediately thought of Timber Lakes,” she said in a recent interview.
Timber Lakes has a community center where some of the residents gather. “The kids come in there quite often,” she said. So, working with Timber Lakes Townhomes, the church opened up a library in the community center last month. “We put together nine bookshelves,” Kubiak said. “It lines one wall of the community center.” And the materials on the shelves range from pre-K to young adult books, she said.
 Read the full story here: Local church starts up volunteer-run library at Timberlake Townhomes 

Meanwhile, in Combe Hay Church, Somerset, England:
Clerk to the parish council, Peter Duppa-Miller, said the library was already proving popular. “We called for book donations in the middle of January and they started to come through in bags and bags,” he said.
“There’s no computerised or stamping system for borrowing books, people just put their names, their house names and the name of the book down in a file and also the date it has been taken out.
“So far over one sixth of the households in Combe Hay have already taken out books and we will see how that develops over time.”
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