Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tweet Sheet February

Here's some of things people have been saying about churches, libraries and church libraries on Twitter this month


     Dave McNary 'I asked everyone to keep the 21st Century out of the set ... It was like working in a church or public library' - Spielberg at DGA panel

  • Missy Buchanan Churches-- Reach out to older adults in retirement communities by donating faith-based books (w/ your church info inside) to their library. 
  • Ashley Making a list of books to order for the church library. Suggestions? 
  • John Larson Incredible deal on some of the best resources you could have in your library (personal or church). Thanks, @wtsbooks! 
  • Acton Institute Christian Library Press: Providing resources on family, marriage, culture & work, church & ministry, government & law 
  • Congregational Lib Basics of Church Records Stewardship 
  • he cavanagh I think it's probably immoral to go to places of worship to study, but went in a church earlier & amazing calm atmosphere. Much >library.
  • Wisconsin Gentleman That awkward moment when you're disappointed that the church library doesn't have a book, only to learn you've had it for a long time #oops
  • Khette Cox @UnvirtuousAbbey for those who forget to return their church library book we pray 
  • Paul Lytle Between setting up a nursery, organizing the church library, writing, recording, and Angry Birds, I'm starting to think I need an assistant. 
  • Myles Woolstenhulme I can't wait till I am old and can work in the church's library :) #cantwait #iloveoldpeople #relaxed #thatwillbetheday
  • Jeni We borrowed a VHS tape from the church library, and my kids are baffled by the concept of rewinding. 
  • matt pugh Found Jerry Falwell's biography in the church library with THIS. Then went to eBay & found it's in every copy. Wow. 
  • Ed Hurtley @silentrex My wife got a book from the church library. It's a fiction work by William Young. So it's spine sticker says "F YOU" 
  • Jessie I'm watching "Monster Moves" they are moving the 1st Baptist church in Salem. The church will become the new courthouse library. Wow  (view online here)
    xingau Decor for child's room, Sunday School, church library or nursery, our footprint shaped bookends are painted in...

    Picture This

    •  Chad Gibbs Found this in the children's library at Hirabari Church in Nagoya.
    • Greg Svoboda I saw this in a Church Library, and I had to snap a picture. 
    • Esther Lee Photo: I love these series :) taking time to read at the church library :) 
    • matt pugh This is hanging in the church library this week. Total times I've walked right into it: 1. Let the count begin. 
    • LovelyJustice Got books from my church's library for free got the giant bible it's pretty cool (& ancient) cx #books 
    • Charity Clark Outdoor mini library at the Unitarian Church of Staten Island. Love this! #uu #nyc 
    • Wesley Fryer, Ph.D. 38/365/2013 Preschool Ministry Library @ First Presbyterian Church 

    What are they reading (or listening to) ?

    •  Steven Severt Browsing the church library and started reading the Screwtape Letters. How have I not read this before? Fascinating. #CSLewis #fb
    • Andy Tse I found gem in my church library! Dr. Charles Feinberg's book "The Minor Prophets." 
    • Godluv G @RickWarren Bless u.U are a blessing to us in Africa.I've just bought 10purposedrivenlife books translatd in swahili for our church library!
    • Cindy Caporaso @MeredithGould Your great book: Deliberate Acts of Kindness. Favorite Chapter: 5. Now belongs to church library. #SolidReferenceAndResource
    • NPH Make sure you have all the Teacher's Guides in your church library. | A Teacher's Guide to Understanding the Scriptures 
    • FBC Eupora More new books in the church library include: Seaside and The Heart Reader of Franklin High by Terri Blackstock 
    • FBC Eupora Kathy Bailey has a few new books in the church library you may want to "check out," including: Covenant Child, Downfall, Shadows of Serenity 
    • First Orange Park Two copies of The Kingdom Matrix are available in our church library, or you can purchase your own from our online... 
    • Kimberly Schimmel @RealBenCarson Welcome! I'm featuring your books in my church library. 
    • New Life Church 3 Stoneleigh and 2 Aaron Keyes albums all new to the church library! Bopping along to them now


    Joyce Kight has managed the Stow Presbyterian Church library for almost 20 years.
    • Stow Pres. Church Did you know the Stow Presbyterian Church library shelves 6,800 items, plus subscriptions to 16 Christian...
    • Irish Church A new library for reference and reflection has opened in St Anne’s Cathedral, Belfast. At the... #CoI #church
       Our Lady of Victory Thanks to those spreading the word about the Parish Lending Library attached to the Church. All are welcome to visit it after Mass.
    •  Beth Winstead spent today training to get my church library online - check it out!
    • Eve Markley  Oz, the great & powerful, has set me up a laptop that can scan the materials in my church's library. I can organize it in hours, not weeks!

    The Best Place of All

    • bet(h) mercer The feeling she had about [the library] was as good as the feeling she had about church. #atreegrowsinbrooklyn p22 
    • Phil Albinus Friday night and I'm in a church library. #grateful
    •  Mackenzie The church library is one of my favorite places ever.
    • My Prayer Box Just saw a quote that said "A library is a hospital for the mind" this means A church is a hospital for the soul! #Godisgood #inspirational
    • Elly i didn't realize my friend was gettinga free calculus lesson in the library at church I COULD'VE JOINED HER 

    Oh no!

    • Rachel Leigh Smith Three hours working on church library = very sore feet.
    • Hannah Kalman Nbd but @kkayla_rrenae is my hero. She just broke into the church library so we could steal candy. #Badpeople #over
    • Unappreciated Pastor The guy gave an amazing testimony. The DVD is gonna make a great addition to our church library's "Fiction" section. 
    • Natalie Raspino Wow, leave it to me to get distracted in the tiny little library in my church while trying to do homework 

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