Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love in the library

 If this story was a book you could file it under 392.5 (Weddings)

Friday morning, in a place that's sacred to them, Barbara Morrow and David Kurland exchanged vows. Librarian Theresa Gemmer, ordained by the Universal Life Church Monastery, officiated at their wedding in the Everett Public Library's Northwest History Room.

A week ago, over coffee at their apartment, the couple told their grown-up love story. It's one of hope, faith in new beginnings, and a belief that love is worth the trouble it takes to find it.

"I had been a single woman for a long time," Morrow, 66, said last week. A psychiatric nurse, she was divorced years ago and has a grown daughter.

Kurland, 64, was living in Bellingham, WA when he and Morrow met about two years ago through the dating website

"We both spent a lot of time looking for each other. We wanted the possibility of happiness," said Kurland.

Wherever they go, they visit libraries. "Libraries are full of ideas. A person needs lots of ideas. And we both love words," Kurland said. "We are the ultimate nerds."

After cutting the cake, it occurred to the bride that she could take care of a small detail.
"I have to renew my library card," she said. "I got an email about that, but I was waiting for my name change."
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