Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tweet Sheet January

  • HurshalNewZ Group Antioch Baptist Church opens theological library - SKNVibes.comAntioch Baptist... #theological
  • TalLisa Campbell Helping to create a library at a local nondenominational church. Looking for books-CD-DVD recommendations & donations. And plenty of advice! 
  • Holly I got to let people know I want to get the library going at church
  • KathrynWambui Kimani I'm all for building a library in the church :D 
  • Ciara Keefer Wait, idea... Turning a "storage" room in the church into a library... #goodidea
  • Elizabeth Hutchinson At church this a.m. a little boy stopped me and said "thank you so much for our new's great!" What more could I say #lovemyjob
  • Rebecca The church I'm at has a cute wee library complete with a new book display how awesome :-)
  • Stonebriar Visit our church library to find a new devotional or a movie for your family. Access the library catalog online
  • MelanieI think I need to go on an Amazon spree to buy books that need to be in our church library. 
  • Ricardo Diaz Check out new work @Behance: "Evangelical Church Library Association" 

Picture this:

  • Claredaisy@ireland Here is our extremely pretty little library in Sixmilebridge, County Clare 
  • Jason Aspinwall The cool thing about living in a 90 year old church is definitely the library... I have a lot of reading to 
  • Kimie Gutierrez There is a library in church 
  • Joseph Nooft Children's church turned library. Awesome. 
  • Donna ShenkHanging out in our church's children's library while I wait for our meeting #irelandbound #byfaith 
  • Sarah Zubarikjust noticed my church has a little free #library in #bigbend just south of #waukesha 
  • Meaghan Church library #episcopal #school #biblesfodays 
  • Jonathan HattoIs it weird that I just found this in a church library? 
  • Ty I'm at a gay wedding in a church which is unusual for me but LOOK AT THIS LIBRARY. 


  •  DevoutLibrarian Delegation is key-don't let that church library become a one-(wo)man show! 
  • Kyle Sanders@catholicmumma Down in Louisiana when we hear parish library we think of the public library no the church parish #wedonthavecounties
  • Elizabeth Scalia Massachusetts diocese sells Catholic church; town will turn it into a library via @deaconsbench
  • Savage Tree Arts Capitol View property that includes historic church purchased for new library
  • Ramiro Morales Hojas A church transformed into a scientific library FTW! HT“@materia_ciencia: Imagen simb√≥lica” 
  • Alpha Omega Arts Church Stained glass windows being relocated to Public Library in Iowa 
  • Monica McNew The library at the church is awesome with its stained glass windows and old books and stuff. 
  • Mike HyattIf you find the Left Behind Series in the Theology or Commentary section of your church library you have a problem. 
  • Missy Buchanan Churches-- Reach out to older adults in retirement communities by donating faith-based books (w/ your church info inside) to their library. 
  • Lucas McCain@edstetzer Hey Ed, our Church needs a complete make-over of its library. Do you think you can help us out?? 
  • HuntingdonTCA @RetreatsUK we have an Archdeaconry Library full of books to lend to any church near us in Huntingdon area phone 01480 412674 if interested 
  • Stephen Walters We're cleaning out our library at church. We have a ton of Bibles. Does anyone know a ministry that takes old Bibles? 
  •  Megan Engelhardt Mini-purge in the church library tonight. I found treasures! Like projector slides, and something called "JoyTrek." (Heh heh.)
  • Jael Hamilton I found this book in our church library. I wonder who put it there. I'd really like to talk to them. #ChristianAnarchy 
  • Sarah Swearingen Is it weird that my church growing up had a gym, gameroom, elevator, library and lounge? Or is that normal? 

The Best Place of All

  • LibraryFiend " Two places that affect you most powerfully...The church which belongs to God... and the public library belongs to you" - Keith Richards
  • IG: 31_status There is no perfect Church, so build a relationship with him. Stop trusting man! Seek The Lord. Use the church as a holy library! 
  • Beth Allison@bloomsburyruth a library at church?! Can I join your church please!? 

Oh no!

  • Ashley I'm pretty sure several small children think the church library's book drop box is a trash can. 
  • Small Town Pastor "The church library could NOT use your children's old textbooks!" #thethingspeopleask
  • Beth Barrow Just found a book from the AINSWORTH church library in my car... oops. 

What are they reading?

  •   Laurie Murphy Lots of books checked out in our Church #library today! Support yours! I'm gonna read "Dark Water" by Linda Hall local author :)
  • lucky7emily My grandmother bought this for the church library. #duckdynasty
  • Caris Adel @SarahNMoon this made me laugh. The other book I checked out of our church library for research is The Dateable Rules.  
  • energion"In the Original Text It Says" Word-study Fallacies & How to Avoid Them - excellent resource for church library 
  • churchlibrarymouse @JillEileenSmith Patrons at our church library love your books 
  • churchlibrarymouse @angiehunt Thanks for following our blog. We love your books at our church library 
  • Mark Lee@edrowell was thinking about you yesterday. We played in S Dakota at a church and they had your book in the library! Hope you're doing well 
  • Virginia S.Saunders  @patrickmadrid My church just included your book SURPRISED BY TRUTH into its Library. Thought I'd let you  

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