Friday, January 18, 2013

Out of 500 million...

I really enjoy tracking "church library" tweets and posting them monthly on Tweet Sheet
The raw feed I get provides lot of dross to filter out; (comments about libraries across the street from churches or how a library is like a church, or listening to Eric Church in the library)  but - I really think Tweet Sheet  provides a great spontaneous snapshot about what's happening in church libraries.  

The Picture This segment often shows candid pictures of what other church libraries look like - a good way to take a peek at other libraries.  Other Tweet Sheet segments give an idea of how congregational libraries are used and perceived often in surprising ways.  A thoughtful church librarian can take those tweets and reflect on what folks might be saying about or doing in, their own church library.  Or course, I also find fodder for longer topic-specific posts too.

A recent tweet noted that the Library Of Congress Struggling To Make A Searchable Twitter Archive

The Library of Congress is still working on plans to create a searchable archive of nearly every public tweet ever sent, but the challenges inherent in that task are making it a slow process.
On Friday, Gayle Osterberg, the Library’s Director of Communications, announced that the LoC is now getting about 500 million tweets per day, up from about 140 million when the project began in February 2011.

"Currently, executing a single search of just the fixed 2006-2010 archive on the Library’s systems could take 24 hours. This is an inadequate situation in which to begin offering access to researchers, as it so severely limits the number of possible searches. The Library has assessed existing software and hardware solutions that divide and simultaneously search large data sets to reduce search time, so-called “distributed and parallel computing”. To achieve a significant reduction of search time, however, would require an extensive infrastructure of hundreds if not thousands of servers. This is cost-prohibitive and impractical for a public institution.
In the meantime, church librarians can check out Tweet Sheet each month here at Libraries in Churches.

Use the comment box below to share how you use Twitter in your church library.

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