Monday, December 31, 2012

Tweet sheet December

Happy New Year LINC listers!
Here are some December Tweets about Church libraries for your holiday amusement.

Picture This

Cheyenne Smith Very church library appropriate, guys.
Jason Fazel Vintage Church Library
Chip Pendleton @mywrbc day at Barnes and Noble was a great success and a lot of fun. Over $500 raised for our church library.
Community Bible Stop by the church library and check out (literally!) our books and dvds...
MrWyattFord Day 12: Let's shed a little light on the subject. A chandelier in our church's library.

What are they reading (or listening to?)

Hershey Free Church Stop by the church library on Sunday and find a Christmas book.
Jennifer HarrisDault I have a family member wanting to get "The Modern Magnificat" in her church library. She attends a Southern Baptist church. Love it!
M A G G I E☮ღ♫ @hooligann__ you should go to the library inside the church,im pretty sure they have an English Bible.
sta S ♫ just added HAVE YOURSELF A MERRY LITTLE CHRISTMAS by CHURCH LIBRARY to my #mixes via #stereomood

Good for you!

Sarah Kendall Helping my grandma completely rearrange the books in the church library is a lot harder than it sounds.
Wendy Jones So much to do today. Going to be helping in the Church Library
Jessica Schliep Finally returned my overdue books back to the church library.
ChrisWillTweetMe1Day My church library is so cool. Being there for so many years, and now only I'm discovering it.
Stephanie McMunigal @MorrisWes thinking when planning the space God provides the Rock church a Library should be added! My desire for Godly reading is costly!
tro316 Still at my church, looking through the library... Reading. #studying #truth
Carolin Schneider Ok twitter:I need to meet librarians working in a church/minster library, an NHS library, a law library and a workplace library #chartership Media Library Manager 13.1 (Shareware): Media Library Manager is a complete system for a church\'s library ministry.
Spencer Rees This lady quite literally cried and rambled for 15 minutes about how great the church library is. #TestimonyMeetingProbs @MormonProbs
Ben Holtz @JoeBecraft1 I sat outside the church library for you...
Adrian Teal This morning's endeavours have encompassed, inter alia, Lemmy from Motorhead, a pair of hair clippers, and a church library.
Leena Prindle Does your church have a "family" or "childrens" library? Pls share how it is set up! #brainstorming #kidmin #fammin #stumin
Edy me:"dad i'm going insane there's no where quiet to study even the library" dad:"loud library? try the church!" me:"do churches have wifi?"
Taylor Harrison It's a sad day when your church library carries a Justin Bieber novel. #huh?

The best place of all

Julie I have reached true Small Town Resident status: I called the library, gave my name, & the librarian said, "Oh, we sat behind you in church!"
Aaron The Church I visited today in Denver has a Library with over 2,000 books :)
Kimberly Schimmel How to Create a Church Library Containing Fiction and Nonfiction #books


White Rock UMC Happy Birthday to Geraldine Mendez, our lead Librarian in the Church Library. You rock, Geraldine! :)
Joshua Collins @Hannnahhh7 I spent the whole day at church. I was working on the new library! I just got home!

 Oh no!

Reid Wylie These are all things that one can find in the "Youth" section of our church library. 
Em At church, working in the library on my computer. This is exactly what I was doing when we had the earthquake. Sorry in advance. #wrathofgod



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