Thursday, December 13, 2012


LibraryWorld takes  a "cloud"-based approach to library management.  Instead of buying software to load onto your computer where you keep your catalogue and circulation information you upload that information to LibraryWorld's secure servers.

The appeal to librarians is that there's no software, no updates, no need for local IT support; all that's needed is a web browser.
I think the drawback, for small church libraries is the cost: $425 per year is comparable to the price of buying a popular software suite and $100 annual maintenance contract.  However,  for those with a bigger budget and need the features that LibraryWorld can provide, it may be worth consideration.

One caveat. Two church libraries are listed as clients but neither of those churches' websites have library links. And LibraryWorld lists Ontario United Reform Church, Canada as one of those church clients but there is no Ontario United Reform Church, Canada; there is one in California.  Library work is detail-oriented, library vendors should be detail-oriented as well.

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