Friday, November 30, 2012

Tweet Sheet November

What are they saying about church libraries in the Twitterverse lately?
Here's a sample.
(Remember that @name is like a C.C to to an individual; #word functions as a tag or subject heading) All tweets are produced verbatim, spelling errors and all.

The Best Place of all

Garland Pollard Useful article from orthodox tradition on how to start a church library not just books but dvds and media #Christian
Kristen Law Pastor Cams: "where is the book of Matthew?" Child: " the library...DUH!" Kids church never fails to make me laugh. #parkviewkidsmin
corabethsmith I love sitting and spending time with The Lord on our church library. I can feel the spiritual heritage I've been brought up in.
Malcolm Carter Chillin in the library at church. Listening to the preacher
HannaH Vineyard  @KLMoore7 Tooties Rolls make me think of Sunday mornings in the church library with Ms. Pat.
Becca Ottaway nothing like studying in the church library while listening to Grandma Marggie play hymns next door in the sanctuary. #smalltowns  ♥ ♥
Stephen Bowzer Turning into a softie. Teared up on a tour of the Church History Library. Goodness. 
The Cavern I'm thankful for good clean entertainment. Check out our church library for great Christian fiction. 
David W. Reid We're happy to promote our affiliation with Church and Synagogue Library Association. Here are two ways you can...
Rachel Boys always seem the cutest when they are either in church or at the library #wholesome
Kathy Carlton Willis @ehmanders I agree about churches encouraging Christians to read more. Could you set up a lending library at your church?

What are they reading?

Maryanne M. Reading a garden in Paris is a good read enjoying every page.who knew a book from the church library be so good,not me intil now.
 BeasKneas @SavvyReader it's called Does This Church Make Me Look Fat? by Rhoda Janzen. Both were new releases at my public library. #50BookPledge 
Melissa Lynn Reid @JimmyWayne just picked this up from my church's library. Can't wait to start reading it.
Tonya Aria Jewell Yay! I borrowed three books by Wendell Berry and one by Carl Jung from the church's library. Guess whose nose will be buried in a book?

 Picture this:

Nona Rae Bravo Choir practice in a bit! The library is full. #theobooks (@ Lifegate Community Baptist Church) [pic]:
Christi Williams Grading is more enjoyable when done in my church's library. Grateful. #heightschurch
Lauren Perlaki Raiding the church library for a movie! What to watch...?
Victoria Whited This is in my church library?!?
Robert Nacci Found this in the church library, looking cforward to reading it!
Maj Kristensen Found this in my church's library, it's you @WhatMoochsaid!
Ethan Fran An iconic book jacket. From the lending library of First Presbyterian Church, Ossining, NY #bibliokitsch
 Libby Cochrane This is the library, Olivet de pignon, built by Olivet Baptist Church, in Iowa. We always help at th
Hets. I love the ceiling in the library of the Unitarian Church on York Avenue. Makes our TANN AGM all the more lo
 Meg Church Library that I volunteer at. Mostly doing cataloguing and weeding so far :p
LansingSpiritual The Swedenborg section of the Library at First Presbyterian Church.
Joshua Smith Spending some time in the Rainbow Mennonite Church library while I wait to meet with the pastor.
trey arbuckle Chained books from the former St.Nicholas’s Church Library. Aurelius Augustinus. Prima [undecima]…
 Rizza Mel our #CHURCH #LIBRARY .. hope I've spend more time reading books in here ! But too late, its our time to GO HOME:'(


Elvis Tan Zheng Wei Hope the church library doesn't fine
Julie Jones How is it that Salem Church Library's website doesn't work inside Salem Church Library... #failure
Ebenezer UMC Is this you? Did you donate several books to the church library, and, are you from Iowa, or is your family from...
Jill devan Bored at the library @ Olive Baptist Church
NotJimSheararar  It's awkward to check a book out of the church library on "sin" only to find all the parts underlined have my name written next to it
M.C.Kenna Hahaha me, syd, and @r_woodsy broke into the church library and copied our faces #bigbadand18


Micah LinsleyAdult and Youth Leaders, welcome to your new #Church library, @RightNowTrader Request a demo today. #youthleaders 
Rev. Dennis C. Cook If anyone is wondering-take it from me-don't "borrow" a chair from the church library when yours goes out of commission. #BuyANewOne 
Amanda Ricks I just walked into the library and a girl opened the door for me and said, "Welcome to the library!" Library Greeter=New Church Calling?
 melissaderosia For those who spend more time dusting the church library than teaching folks to read... we pray.
Sarika Kelm Just installed a fake library database for my church. Geekily excited. The program even lets me make my own categories
2040 pages - ouch!
Church Intern Foot was crushed by a falling copy of the MacArthur Bible Commentary while dusting the library. Pastor just quoted Philippians 1:29* at me.
Country Oaks Baptist The Church Library is doing an inventory and will no longer be accepting book donations until the inventory is complete. Thank you....
 Kemper Durham My church library has a copy of It Gets Better by @fakedansavage. This is weird.
Paul Bummer! The church library doesn't have stock of The Clash of Kings (2nd installment of Game of Thrones)
Laura Bowers Napping in the church library...
april Republican's waiting victory party sounding like a busy church library 
A Williams @KristaNDalton Ugh. Seriously Ugh. I think Book of Legends at minimum should be on every serious Christian leader/church library bookshelf


Liv Tyler @alanascauzuzu yeah I start my volunteering next weekend, I'm working in my church library
Danielle Davis when I start cleaning I can't stop, I meant to just sweep the front steps in front of the church library, I ended up sweeping the courtyard
 j0j0 LYNN So I checked out two cool books From my church's library, exciting!!
 Yuanli ツ Free KFC meal today by just helping out at church library Ö
Beth Winstead Church library work time (@ Immanuel Baptist Church)
Melissa Reynen I found out yesterday that my church has a library. Not like I've been going there for over 2 years or anything.
 Archdiocese Santa Fe Parish meeting to discuss the creation of a new library at Church of the Incarnation in RR after 10:30 a Mass, 11/11Jeremy 505.771.8331

* Philippians 1:29 (NIV)  For it has been granted to you on behalf of Christ not only to believe in him, but also to suffer for him,


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