Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Right Now Media. Yes, but...

 If your church library functions as a training resource media centre you may be interested in investigating Right Now Media. For a monthly subscription fee, your congregation gains access to a library of over 1000 streaming videos designed for church-based study groups. The content features popular contemporary authors such as Francis Chan, Max Lucado and Bill Hybels presenting their current works.

I can see the advantages to this model, in that a church could have several study groups using the same material simultaneously for about the same price as buying a single DVD kit for each group. Workbooks, leader's guides or the actual text the video is based on are available for a fee-based download as PDF or ebook formats.  Once the study group is complete there's no need to deal with a bunch of used stuff that gets stored but not used again as a kit.

On the other hand the pricing is based on average church attendance and is skewed to favour large congregations.  A church of 250 pays $0.32 per person per month, while a mega church of 3000 pays about 7 cents per congregant. (Small potatoes? Not if you are a small congregation.)  Large churches already have lots of resources and staff; it would have been nice (dare I say "Christian?") if Right Now Media created a pricing model that  would help out the vast majority of small congregations who would really benefit from having access to Right Now's content.

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