Sunday, September 30, 2012

Tweet sheet September 30, 2012

It's been a busy month so the tweet sheet is a bit short this time 'round.


Lloyd Cooke "Local church provides sanctuary for closing library" support! #Sentinel
Texas Baptist Be a blessing to #schools! Idea No. 34 - Use your church's #library in nontraditional ways. Open it up to the #community and be creative! 
Josephine Dunn @bookgirl1209 @smaystein @neilhimself my nearest library is in our village church - self supporting by villagers.
KD Hill @StJosephSalado Thinking of church growth, how about a library and art gallery in hall (the Cathedral has art shows, we shld too!)
LakewoodBaptistSBC The church library catalog is now available on the church website!
Colleen Greene Excited about some of the new technologies & services we're going to implement at our .@RDFCfriends church library over this next year!
Colleen Greene Setting our church library up w an institutional lifetime .@librarything subscription &  scanners/equip to get their 1st public catalog up.
Shiloh Church New books in the library
Sara R Treasure trove in church library: Archaeology and our OT Contemporaries. i am a nerd and i love it!
Chelsea Cox Dad got all the old Bible story movies we used to watch on DVD for the church library. #childhood #goodsamaritan
Andy Flander Fantastic night. Two dozen dudes crammed into the church library ready to study for the next few months. Beyond stoked.
Caroline Smallwood  Wish I could go to the offices or church library and talk with @akm6023 all day everyday #blessed #growth

Phil Steiger Bought The Bible ABC Book by @ericmetaxas for the church library. Great book! Some surprising character choices...
churchlibrarymouse @LizCurtisHiggs Our library loves your books. Please follow our church library mouse.
AYNN The ICSDACC AY have conducted a "pahina"..Cleaning the church stock room to convert to a church library.. (More news to come..)
SNAP Oshawa Church Library Association Of Ontario Fall 2012 Conference Tomorrow 8:30am


Addi Payne anyone know how to check something out from the church library?
ATCD Berenstain Bears - Faith Gets Us Through . . . I'm Giving One Away!: Do you have books in your church library, i...
Pat Emerick [FREE] Resource Kit for Your Church Library:
Mjorud Family Bible Friends - if your Church has a bookstore or library - please ask this Sunday if they stock the book, "Dying in...
Claudia Brooks There's a book in my church's library called "god, allah, and ju ju"
Holly Sim @xoxo_sabs I kissed dating goodbye! I borrowed it from the church library!
 Nora Meena Its rly weird how our library is in a church...
Mary-Carol Riehs Reorganized and cleaned up church library. Many books about other religions, evolution, 1st Amendment, philosophy. No copies of The Shack.

Marcia Hyde #ThatAwkwardMomentWhen you realize you have as many Christian books at your house as your church's entire library.
kelescheppers think i'll start off at the church library today before i tackle the rest of my life... yep, that makes total sense. Hee hee :)
Ashley Arnold I'm just sitting here in the church library, reading the Scarlet letter trying to be intelligent and stuff
gelangenie After trying a new route and arriving an hour early, am now reading Sophie's World in the church library & hoping God doesn't notice.


The best place of all 

Genevieve Ann you know your Sunday has been productive when the three places you've been to all day are the gym, church, and the library
Rainey Church,library,camera, football and small groups. Recipe to an awesome Sunday
 Rebecca Parada You know you are in a small town when the public library is part of the church
Elizabeth Dyar Grans "boy advice" if you see him in the library, give him a chance. If you see the same boy at church... He's dateable. Gotta LOVE my Gran
Blasian. @christinagutsa you have a church library that's such a good idea

Oh no!

beena sarwar:( MT @Samson_Sharaf: Lutheran Church, school & library, a 75-yr old structure, + three houses completely gutted #Mardan. #Shame #Pakistan 
Yasir Muhammad @sanabucha Just visited the church & its library now, it was compltly blown up by the protesters & I think there would be copies of INJEEL
Ben Kester Oh the pains of my mom working at a church library 
Danielle DavisUp early for opening the church library.... There is no one here!!!! #quiettime
Danielle Davis  Sitting in the church library waiting for people to check out books..... #bored
steven hovater  Just realized our church's children's library doesn't have the Chronicles of Narnia. Kind of feeling a little disillusioned.
Susie C Who steals 2 bibles from the church library? Come on now peopleGord Waldie @aquateradotca we are cleaning out our church library. can hardcover books go to the ecocentre??
Shannon Murphy Not cut out for church basement library studying

Picture this:

Matthew Coker There is so much demand for our Church Library that one sign isn't enough.
 Jeremy Freeman Hey FBCN! Want to see the Pastor's top 5 book picks? Check the books out from the church library. Here they are #fb 
Timothy Miller @DougFields so I found an old book in the church library...
Natalie Summerlin Bringing back some childhood memories in the church library this AM
Ryan Daniel Found this gem in the church Library #monkeybusiness @ Generations Christian Church
 Rochelle Donato Found this in the church library. There are gruesome images in it. #666
 Rohan Smith @WilloughbyCity Council's converted a former church in Artarmon to it's newest library. Our pic gallery here:
Widad Benarmas Oran library "Cathedrale" that was a church before

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