Thursday, September 13, 2012

The library as welcome station

In a recent  post in Word & Way, Ken Satterfield discusses church communication strategies.
"Despite arguments that may be made about reducing print and mail costs and the Internet's worldwide reach, churches have to ask: How do you keep all members and potential members informed about your church, church events and prayer needs?"
Among his solutions :
"Like the library. If your church has a well-organized library, make it or a church welcome station a place to find information, especially when the church office is closed. "
I like that he recognizes the the church library as an information hub and encourages ministers to (at least) "like" the library, but I know of:
  • libraries that are tucked away in hard-to find corners
  • libraries jammed with resources
  • library staff swamped with pre- and post-service library users.
  • libraries locked up when the church office is closed
On the other hand his suggestion to send information-seekers to the library would:
  • raise the profile of the library
  • bring more people to the library
  • put all those newsletters and leaflets under the supervision of people who know how to circulate them
  • create new partnerships with other departments of the church
What do you think of  the suggestion that your library become the church's information hub?  
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