Thursday, September 6, 2012

A space to breathe

Here's an extract from "The Time I met CS Lewis" posted at wwgmid
Thank God for libraries. Like modern day labyrinth or meditation walks, walking the aisles of a library can be a sacred experience. They let you meander and ponder with no pressure to assent to another person’s agenda. As I discovered the church library, my searching heart began to find space to breathe.

Our church’s library was in the basement across from the boiler room. The three spinster sisters who ran it didn’t mind a gangly blonde teenager hanging out among the books and they never grilled me with questions like I feared they would. Like a magnet, I became drawn to a certain shelf. If the church hadn’t burned down in 1998, I could still take you to the exact place along the basement wall where the books by C.S.Lewis were housed.
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