Friday, August 31, 2012

Tweet Sheet August 31, 2012


Kirsten M. Books in church library for single people: 10. Of those, 9 are about dating, sex, or marriage preparation. There’s something wrong here.
Bryce Raley What are a couple good Christian books I can pick up at the church library? Leaving here shortly so make it snappy :)
Keith O. @jodimeadows Part of where I got my start writing was a church library review magazine. Maybe I'm just too nice... or hate unnecessary drama


Parkway Presbyterian Did you know Parkway has a wonderful library filled with materials to help you in your growth study. Check it out ...
Britan Uehara Finished setting up the church library with no air conditioning. Good deeds
BetterWorldians Kitty says: I plan to #donate some books tomorrow to help start a library at church. #DoGood #Charity
Kirsten M. Back in the church library and listening to @ThrillingAdv while covering books. 10yo me would be proud.
Kristen Otte @joshua_becker I haven't read Living with Less yet, but I'm ordering a copy for my library at church and looking forward to reading it!

Oh no!

Haley LaShae Dunston Hope no one walks in the church library bc they will see me knocked out... #naptime
Emily-Claire Sewell I would just like to go ahead and announce that I, the librarian's granddaughter, spilled an entire cup of tea in the church library tonight

Picture this 

Josh Harrington @JoshuaB86 I found this in our church library. You have fans in Michigan!
Alicia Douglas My favorite room at the church. The library. :)

The Best Place of All 

Abilene Bible Church Prayer with the Pastor, noon on Thursday in the church library. See you there!
Chanel Hudson guess I'll be in the gym the Library & at church enriching my mind body and spirit!!!

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