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Tweet Sheet -August 1-15, 2012

Here's what they've been saying about church libraries in the Twittersphere recently:
For those unfamiliar with Tweets:
  • The User name of the person who tweeted is in bold
  • @name indicates a reply if it's at the start of the tweet or a mention (like an email cc) if it's in the body of the tweet
  • #word is a hashtag; like a subject heading, keyword or tag


Library_IT_Gal FANTASTIC!! "A group of 6 Baptist churches in Texas become first church libraries to offer eBooks, via Overdrive (cont) (Au 2)
Abbey Varner The ladies at the church library always find a way to make my day! #blessed (Au 1)
Nikole Hahn MOMumental available for check out at the FBC Prescott church library. Reviewed it here:
Kivette Gural Busy day: Gator Camp, getting the library ready for the 1st day of school, & worked in my church's library. Now off to the soccer scrimmage. (Au 2)
Loren Mitchell We have about 270 books in our church's library that can be checked out! If you combine that with the antique...
Yanny @rachel_tananana my church library open!!!!! (Au 10)
Kathy Hale I'm going to work in our church library today. It is such a joy serving our Lord! (Au 5)
Reggie Barnes Thank you to all that came out to the Salem Church Library. We hope you enjoy our music as much as we did making it! (Au 13)
Ryan Neimes If you aren't doing anything this afternoon come to Holy Cross Lutheran church at 4:00 for the dedication service to our Lutheran library (Au 12)
Kaelyn Wilson The library at church is poppin. (Au 11)
Britan Uehara Setting up a church library with no air conditioning. I just counted over 300 pieces of paper... Good deeds.. (Au 11)
Tim Dixon @Sadgrovem Have just accessioned your book 'Wisdom and Maturity' into our church library - looking forward to reading!
First Baptist Dallas Did you know our church library now offers ebooks? Visit to take advantage of this... (Au 14)

Oh no!

Savannah Shedd When I was little I liked a book so much that I stole it.. From my church library. And it was called "What Would Jesus Do" #irony #goodbook (Au 1)
Waschanstalt @MarkWhitney @CodyDaigle I'm not a Buddhist, but I did steal a Xian yoga book from a Baptist church library in my teens. IT COUNTS. (Au 9) 
Darklord Granny said if i dont go to church i gotta go somewhere, Guess im going to the library. (AU 1)
Antonio Jeezy Newton Pastor Wright said the church has a library that only has 10 dvds!!! I'm in church crying!!!!!!!!!! (Au 5)
Matthew Frey Got a notice from @chippewaefree library 4 @jolynnfrey b/c she has a book overdue. Hand delivered by church elder and librarian #embarrassed (Au 10)
Mikey Waldo! @jessieaton Thanks. I'm afraid what i'll dig up here in the church library though. (Au 13)
Ari I hate doing the library at church -.- (Au 12)
Andrew Ols Our church library doesn't have any Bibles in it. That I can find I should say. (Au 12)

The Best Place of All

Gateway Church this weekend is going to be held in the LIBRARY. We are also having a special baby dedication & a morning tea. So come early! (Au 1)
avonlakenate #ALUCC Breakfast on the Beach is still on for tomorrow at 8:30am. Rain location - church library. See you all there! (Au 5) 
Tulip Grove Baptist Women’s Book Club meets this Saturday in the church library at 10am. They will be discussing Deeper Water by... A9 (Au 5)
Kim Wheeler Came to the public library to do some reading and I sit beside a church planting team meeting. Jesus has officially invaded this city y'all! (Au 8)
WordsToTheWise Two Places I reaLLy Love going the library and church... When I'm in those places I feel right at home. #NowYouKnow (Au 1)
Jinx Library-related positions overseas are so interesting. Eg: Church of England requires cataloguer with working knowledge of Latin! (Au 2)
Sarah Few Finally decided which Bible I wanted, was ready to buy it and then found my dad's old copy in the church library! (Au 9)


Kimberly Schimmel Best Nonfiction for Your Church Library
Laurence Ridgwell Last night I saw that the Tim Tebow Autobiography had been added to my church library lol (Au 2)
revjimbo @KeepSetting that's ok, one day out of nowhere the whole "Left Behind" series appeared in our church library. (Au 1)
beckydurham @jbonewald @KeepSetting Ahh! 1 day the entire "Left Behind" series appeared in our church library, too! No idea where it's from! #Hooligans (Au 1)
Wes Ellis If you need kindling for your fire, our church library has some...
Chuck Baggett #CSB I wonder what churches would think of the books their members read. Would they allow those books to be in a church run library? ( Au 5)
Bill Chandler @drjamesmerritt I was looking at your church library, a number of books by Reformed writers, is that your theological bent? Thank you. (Au 10)
Solid Ground Books Now $260.00 Worth of Books for just $36.95 Per Pack - Great for Church Library #constantcontact (Au 2)
Jon Pernisek @PotOGoldCast A musketeer lies dead in a church library. A cat naps nearby. The scent of incense lingers. What happened to the musketeer? (Au 1)

Picture this:

Marilyn Brown Church library is now usable!!!! (Au 4)
The Lake Poets The little library at St. Chad's Church. (Christening on a Sunday). #Herrington #Sunderland (Au 5)
David Sims Helpful sign in a small church library. I don't think they had many books in #PureScience @ Central Presbyterian Church (Au 8)
Janet Lanier#northcrestbaptistchurch This new kids' DVD is in the Library! Look on the Library door Sign check out book on table
Evan Penn Found when perusing the church library. Circa 1988.
Sarah Creech We used to love to rent these from the church library and watch @Steph_Wolfpack (Au 3)
Cameron F. Highsmith What I'm going to borrow from our church library today #lightreading (Au 10)
Kurtis Larson Came across these this morning at church in the library. #OldSchool #LDS  (Au 12)

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