Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tweet Sheet - July 2012

Given that the Library of Congress is archiving every tweet  it may seem redundant to post a few here, but these are a special flock that contain the words "church" and "library" -- and sometimes "church library." All quotes are verbatim.
For those unfamiliar with Tweets:
  • The User name of the person who tweeted is in bold
  • @name indicates a reply if it's at the start of the tweet or a mention (like an email cc) if it's in the body of the tweet
  • #word is a hashtag; like a subject heading, keyword or tag


  • Kristy Connaughton Today i learnt my church has its own library , i think its certain now that i go to the best church in this world
  • Cheryl Lim Omg just saw some of my old books in the children's library section in church. This is so cool.
  • sarha slutsinger We don't donate books to the church library, the church library donates books to us.
  • Missy Buchanan Looking forward to being at the Church & Synagogue Library Association conference in Springfield, IL July 29-31. http://t.co/eD3ABYp8 
  • Missy Buchanan Packing for Church and Synagogue Library Association conference in Springfield, IL. Promoting My Story, My Song & my books for older adults. 
  • Missy Buchanan Really enjoyed chatting with NY Times Bestselling author Barbara Brown Taylor last night at the Church & Synagogue Library Assoc conf 
  • David W. Reid About to leave for tour of 4 libraries at Church & Synagogue Library Association in Springfield, Ill. #CSLA12 
  • ChrisMacDen @MimsyYamaguchi I attended a big Methodist church on Sunday--LOTS of activities. Library, movie theater... 
  • BJ Going to donate my whole @MaxLucado library of books to a church's library since I have all his books on my Kindle 
  • Jacob Smith  I was reading some book in the church library tonight. it taught me a whole lot. It showed me why its hard for me to love, and why i love 
  • Jeremy Very happy to find a copy of Dom John Chapman's *Spiritual Letters* in the church library. 
  • David W. Reid Northside Children's Community Library at 3rd Presby Church, Springfield IL is brilliant. A safe haven where kids line up to read #CSLA12
  • Hannah Ingalls @s_ingalls @DeveneyPage We moved and resorted the entire church library this morning. #MissionTour2012
 Picture this
  • Pat Shufeldt What types of streaming audio & video resources could church & synagogue libraries be adding to their catalogs? http://t.co/rqMFaRC2
  • Alvaro Videla @timfox our main library in Uruguay was founded by a church guy :)
  • Born Analog current fave title @ work: "Oh, God, has it been that long?": a history of the First Congregational Church/United Church of Christ #library
  • soft4dow #Media Library Manager is a complete library system for a church's library ministry. Thi... http://t.co/h7rOlLyP 
  • TheSpot ok church library lady...find me 3 GOOD books in that library that you would recommend to a dear freind...possible? 
  • Kailia Ieremia Going where no man has gone before..behind the desk of the CHURCH LIBRARY.
  • mwilburn FYI - If you donate books to the church library, don't send them in a wine box
  • Simba church is kinda boring today so im hiding in the library lol 

Oh no!
  • danielle merante # thatawkwardmoment when your church library book falls apart.. 
  • David Cox Trying to find something to watch on late night TV now reminds me of being a kid & trying to find an interesting book in the church library.
  •  Angelyn!(: Brought 10 P3 kids to the church library today and it became a circus-marketplace-playground.
  •  dude,where's the pie @supzoey sajksadhjbwef WHY IS THERE A LIBRARY IN THE CHURCH
  • Jill Billington I just picked up 3 sleepy boys from weekend w/ grandparents only to "surprise" them and take them to work in church library w/ my mom. 
  • Roseamanelle Ouka *sneaking on the church library* *borrowing a book in the middle of the night im glad no ones around ^^ @Zehel_Frau
  • Brian Thornburg I noticed that the church library only has a fiction section 
The best place of all
  • shaunikko #Dontmakeheryourwife if u met her anywhere but the library or church foreal. Party girls aint worth it 
  •  Whitney Whitney I want to find my future hubby in the library, church, of in the working industry..!!
  • VaPiano want an intellectual woman? Look for her at a church, seek her in a library, but if you meet her at a party don't expect much. 
  • Awaken Church North Port is having a Newcomers Day on Sat, Aug 4, at 10 AM at the library. If you are new to the area, this could be a way to connect. 
  •  fo I'm genuinely happy when I'm in a library or in church. 
  • Sara D.Well praise God for this library church service!!! 
  • That Girl This school year my new best friends are Church, Library, and Home ;) #somethingdifferent

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