Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Is your library in Room 404?

I've been in a lot of Room 404s today.  404 is the error code for when a webpage is not found and that's what I discovered as I was checking links on this site.

I was surprised to see that many church libraries formerly listed, no longer have a presence on their church website. Did the librarian move on? Did library shut down? Or was there a failure to communicate between the library and web creators?

All sad trends, but I'm sure there are other churches that now have libraries that were not in operation 10 years ago when I launched the original Libraries in Churches site. And, I look forward to adding them here.

In checking around on church websites I'm always interested to see where the church library's link appears. Sometimes it's easy to find with it's own header but other times it takes some poking around. Is it under Ministry? Education?  Resources? Youth? Recreation? Outreach? A good church library plays a part in all these aspects and others too!

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