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So long, it's been good to know ya!

This is the last post for Libraries in Churches.
To stay current with Church Library issues may I suggest 

Twelve years ago in 2002, the Winter Olympics were in Salt Lake City, the war in Afghanistan began and I launched LinC-list - the Libraries in Churches discussion list.

LinC-List was novel and new - a way for church librarians around the world to share and discuss ideas about church libraries via email.  There was nothing quite like it.  Traditional church library organizations barely had a presence on the Internet and none offered the opportunity for online interaction except,  perhaps, via a bulletin board or discussion forum that required participants to go to a website rather than have the content delivered to them.  There were no resource hubs geared for church librarians and most of us laboured on our own or consulted the few, often outdated, print-resources to figure out where to get supplies, what to look for in software, or how to label media.

LinC-list soon had some 200 members , posting on vital topics, from around the world. Great ideas were shared and, an online community was formed. (I still laugh when I recall a former college room-mate who told me that his mom considered me a "big wheel in church library circles.")

Today, there are a wealth of easily accessible resources for church librarians, found with a simple Google search.  My own connection to church libraries has changed as have my priorities.  (You'll note there haven't been any posts for over a year!)

I still think that the ministry of libraries in churches is important but I know that other folks are doing a great job of furthering that work and so I leave it to them to do this good work.   I've deleted a bunch of pages with outdated information and will maintain the blog posts for as long as I can.

If you ever want to contact me, use the Comment Box below; comments are sent to my email.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Tweet Sheet January 2013

Love it!


Colleen Greene (Blogged) Investigating Overdrive Ebooks & Audiobooks for a Church Library

What are they reading?

GSLC-Cinci ‘Literature and Our Faith’ book club will meet on 1/20 @ 7:30PM in the church library to discuss "Little Bee" by Chris Cleave.

Traci DePree I saw Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts last night in the Crossview Covenant Church library, so I brought it home....

Matt Krause My kids pick up books at the church library most every week. Look at what Jeremiah picked out today. It's going to...

FPC Yorktown FPC Yorktown: New in the Library  


BiblioMinistry "#E-Reading Rises as Device Ownership Jumps" - Pew Research - How is your #church #library adjusting to this?

aubrey w ‏If I were to put a Fabio-covered romance-ish novel here in he church library, wonder how long it'd go unnoticed.

Young Pastor's Wife ‏Until I married a pastor, I never thought my car would become a mini church library

Hannah Danielle♪ Can someone please snapchat me like ugh working in the church library is ugh

Ryan Hayden Humbled when I pick up a commentary in our church library only to find it marked up cover to cover. Grateful for a godly pastoral heritage.

Picture this:

Chris Rookus ‏ Church library sprinkler heads went off 4 10mins - no lie, look what book I found floating!

FUMC Brunswick ‏I posted 10 photos on Facebook in the album "FUMCB Church Library Consecration"

CollegeChurchLibrary ‏Our first picture of someone reading a College Church Library book! Send in yours for a chance at a drawing for...


Michelle Barnett ‏Just spent a marvellous 4 hours putting the church library in order. All books now alphabetised by subject matter. I'm so happy :D

TCACLA Pick up some good books at your church library so you are ready for the cold weather ahead.

Good Shepherd/ICC ‏ Have you visited our church library lately? Our librarian, Margaret Riley, has a wonderful collection of books for adults and children.

Bethh The church library is so cool

StMarkCatholicChurch ‏Got Questions? Visit the Church library! Chock full of great books, tapes and videos. Explore your Catholic Faith!

Oh No!

Rebecca Stark ‏Discovered the morn: The church library flooded in the spring thaw. I'm the librarian, so this could be a busy week for me

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Fire destroys church library

In the early hours of December 11 a fire was discovered raging in the First Baptist Church of Magee, Mississippi.

According to a Magee fireman, the origin of the fire seemed to be in the library / church office area. Fire Chief Lane Steele said," the construction of the what helped save this building. The concrete floors contained the fire from spreading. We have much to be thankful for."
The library was completely burned with books in burned piles. The  adjacent office was gutted, destroying church records and files.
Steele believed the fire to be accidental in cause, with no foul play suspected.

Since the fire, the church has carried on with it's ministries while cleaning up and preparing for restoration work to gutted offices and classrooms.

Read more here and here.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Tweet Sheet December 2013

What are they reading?

Anne Albritton 
Molly has started reading Little Women, the same copy that I read from our church library when I was 9. Makes my heart bust wide open w joy.


Unappreciated Pastor
No Ma'am, I don't know why no one checks out the movies in the church library. But I do like the "Be Kind Rewind" sign.
Eddy Eleazar
Can we like have a sleepover at the church library and play monopoly or uno or something?


Susan Nagel 
My g'daughter has done "donation" birthdays since she was 4 & loves them. Church library, stuffed animals for kids wards,

Marsh Corner Church
We have put Christmas books, music and movies out on the table in the church library to make it easier for you to find them. Enjoy!
Katie Nowell
Merry Christmas to me! I picked this book up at the Church Library & a sweet old man had already paid for it for me!
Wesley UMC
The church library ministry, in partnership with another group, is dreaming of doing this at Wesley as a...

15 Days Until Xmas!
Six year old me rented The Sound of Music from my church library 10 times. My names the only name on the card and it's on there 10 times.

St. Andrews-Covenant 
New Books in the Adult Church Library in Fall 2013

Visit our church library to find a new devotional or a movie for your family. Access the library catalog online

Find PDF Book
Just added in our book collection: Hillsborough Reformed Church Library , read it here:

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

An appreciation of Church Libraries

Author Paul Stoble published a thought-provoking appreciation of church libraries in his "Journeys Home" blog:
On the day after All Saints’ Day, here is an appreciation of church libraries---books that continue to witness to us whether the authors are living or gone. 
I love church libraries. Just as a bibliophile loves shelves of books in a home, I think that a church, too, needs a room filled with varieties of texts. Such a room becomes a comforting and important ecclesial place. 
Do people use church libraries? I’ve a melancholy feeling that few do. Many congregations have an emphasis upon disciplining people---and encouraging members to be faithful disciples---but I wonder if the opportunity to choose a good book from the church library is part of many people’s faith-journey.
"When you come, bring the cloak that I left with Carpus at Troas, also the books, and above all the parchments," writes Paul to Timothy (2 Tim. 4:13). "Parchments" would have been Bible scrolls, of better quality than papyrus. To me, it is a lovely thought that, among Paul's final recorded statements, he requested Scriptures and books to sustain him. These surely would have been his lifelong companions, too. The next time you're in a church library, browse the selection and see if any of the volumes call out for your attention. 
Read the full article here

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Church-to-library and Library-to-church conversions

Suddenly this week my newsreader was filled with a flurry of stories on libraries becoming churches as well as the more common church-becomes-library stories.  While I always find the stories about "former churches" a bit sad I'm glad to see here two stories that demonstrate some sensitivity to the building's former use.  It's also great to read about churches seeking to expand their ministry and service to the community.

Libraries becoming churches

In Wednesfield, England  St Thomas’ Church has leased the old Wednesfield Library on Church Street and work has already begun to convert the building into a new church and community centre for the town. Launched in the summer of 2011, the St Thomas’ Church and Centre appeal has already raised £112,000 to maintain the century-old church for future generations and to convert the old public library into a new church and community centre. Work on the old library is due for completion in Spring 2014 and it is hoped that it will house activities such as church events, youth groups, toddler groups, a senior citizens club and more.  (more
In Sanford, North Carolina a local church and gospel radio station  are in a "bidding war" for a former public library building.  According to the Sanford Herald, "The church submitted the most recent bid of $75,650 for the property valued at $120,000. Jonesboro Heights Baptist Church Administrator Richard Sistrunk said the church didn't intend to discuss its  plans for the 2600 square-foot library until the bidding process is over." Church documents  suggest that  the across-the-street facility would be suitable "for any number of the church’s ministries". (more)

Churches hosting libraries

Meanwhile back in England..
An ancient village church is now entering an exciting new phase with the opening of a mini community library. St Mary’s Church, Poltimore, just outside Exeter, will be opening a mini-library in its building and will also be celebrating the reprieve. With records dating back to 1259 the church, in the centre of the village was about to be closed because two longstanding churchwardens were retiring. However two new wardens stepped up to keep St Mary's "at the heart of the community where it belongs." The congregation of around 20 will continue to worship in the church. Villagers donated books and Devon County Library Service have lent books which it will regularly change and  a request service. With donated bookcases and rearraranged pews the library sits in a recess behind the organ. Volunteers will open the library on Saturday and Wednesday mornings and will be offering cups of tea.  (more)
Closer to (my) home... "When renovation begins at the Mercer Island library sometime early next year, a temporary location will open at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, mostly for picking up and dropping off books." (more)  According to King County Library System project manager Greg Smith, the library was looking for about 800 to 1,000 square feet to lease while the Island library was closed for 8 months of renovations.(more).

Out in Illinois..."With no public library district serving the Fox Mill area in Campton Hills, IL the Congregational United Church of Christ and Swing Set Preschool  hope to open a free community library by next spring. 
The library, which would be geared toward kids, would be housed in the church . The hope is to encourage a love of reading in children. Walmart  has awarded the project with a $1,500 grant that will be used toward items such as shelving units and a cataloging system. Organizers are looking to the community to help stock the library with reading material for children of varying ages. (more)

Recall also "Church steps in to save library"

Churches becoming libraries

At the University of St Andrews in Scotland, "Martyrs Kirk has been “preserved and re-fitted” by the University into a state-of-the art Research Library. The vacant church was purchased by the University from the Church of Scotland in the summer of 2012. The renovation took little over a year to complete.  “The design was achieved with great sensitivity to the church architecture and respect for the building’s former purpose and traditions,” the University Press Office stated. (more with photos)

In the Netherlands another church has become a bookstore. Most recetly in Zwolle, the 1466 Broerenkerk church was renovated this summer  to become Waanders Bookstore.
(more photos)

And in New York,  after 17 years a historic roadside marker was erected to commemorate the  transition of a Methodist church built in 1841 into The New Woodstock Free Library. (more with photo)

Tweet Sheet - November 2013

Tweets about church libraries around the globe, this month with monosyllabic headings!


  • Kearney First UMC Tonight's meal is a baked potato bar; it's the annual fundraiser for the church library.



  • Nicole Boggs Studying in the church library is so peaceful.


  • Travis Stephens Some lady thinks it is cool to bring her own pencils from home and sharpen them in the church library. #fail. Did I mention they are color?
  • UnappreciatedWorship The church library: Where old and unpopular Christian books go to die.
  • Sharon Vegter ‏Deer jumping through church library window = lots of blood and ruined books. Poor terrified deer!  [See Oh Deer!  for more on this story]
  • Sara A meeting in a giant church library. Now THIS reminds me of my youth. #wedding #nervous


  • Sibonakele Moyomight start Francine Rivers' Lineage of Grace series. gonna have to see if the church library has them
  • Michelle Swift Maybe God is trying to tell you something when your seven-year-old gets you this book from the church library.


  • Paul Fadness My church library has some interesting books....
  • Mackenzie Lynd ‏  About to fall asleep in the church library, is that a sin? Cuz I have already been to one service so I'm not missing anything